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Tutorial: Uploading your game


Once you have finished making your first game, you may upload it to the Swinxs Developer Community to be reviewed and tested by other developers. This tutorial will show you how.

Step by Step

  1. If your game is finishes, open the emulator.
  2. Go to “File” at the top of your screen.
  3. Click “Publish”.
  4. In the first tab (Filter) check all games and languages (the emulator will know which are made by you).
  5. Open the “To Site” tab.
  6. Enter your developer username and password.
  7. Place “” at “Submit URL”.
  8. Click “Go”.
  9. Copy the download URL.
  10. Create a thread telling about your project/game (don't forget to paste the download URL)
  11. People will now be able to view your project, test your game and leave a reaction

With screenshots

If your game is finished and includes a corrent game.prp file (obtained when registering your game on the website) Start by clicking “File” and then “Publish” inside the emulator.

The following screen will popup, check all options by checking games and lang, the emulator will know what games are yours and will upload only those games. Next, go to the “to Site” tab.

Enter your developer Username, Password and an URL.

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