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Tutorial: Getting Started


This tutorial will show you how to create your game folders and get started. If you have already done this or already know how to do this, you may want to continue to making your first game. You can also use a Step by Step guide.

Downloading and Installing the Swinxs SDK

You can find a link to the Swinxs SDK download here. After downloading it, start the setup and follow the directions on screen, when asked to choose components, we recommend choosing at least a few English or British games since the Swinxs Developer Community is currently only available in English. These games are also perfect examples and can offer inspiration for your own games.

Creating Game Folders

Step by Step

  1. Download the Swinxs SDK.
  2. Install the Swinxs SDK (follow the on screen instructions, we recommend choosing a few example games (not too many or you will have to download several GB's) preferrably a few english games and a few in your first language.
  3. Go to SwinxsSource folder.
  4. Open the folder of your preferred language, choose eng if you plan on making Swinxs speak english, etc. We recommend “eng” or “gbr” since the Swinxs Developer Community is english. You may also choose your first language, but keep in mind people might not be able to review your game at the Swinxs Developer Community.
  5. Open the “games” folder. You should now be here: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\SwinxsSource\<language>\games.
  6. Create a folder and name it a five-digit number name between 50000 and 60000 (example: name the folder 51000).
  7. Create a file inside this folder with an .st extension, name it “00000 <name of your game>.st”, your game code will be located inside this file.

Full Walkthrough

After installing the Swinxs SDK, browse to the SwinxsSource folder. Inside, you will find a few folders depending on the language packs you chose during the install. Open the language folder of your choice (we recommend making an english game, “eng” or “gbr”, since the developer community where your games may be reviewed/checked is entirely english), open the “games” folder inside this language folder and create a folder. Name this folder anywhere between the numbers 50000 and 60000.

Inside this folder, make a .st file, name it like this: “00000 name of your”. Your code will be inside this file.

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