Release notes SwinxsSDK

Version 1.2940 (2010-11-1)

[FIX] Fixed SwinxsTalk documentation wrt naming instructions for deleting samples
[CHG] Compiler optimalization (Enter clause uses lot less code)
[FIX] telling scores in case we have an always state
[CHG] also turns of a pulse initiated by a RFID tag
[FIX] RandomExpr(x,y) used BOOLVAR instead of WORDVAR

[FIX] Prevent Exception on storing persistent memory
[NEW] Added country sleeves (playing cards)
[NEW] Added Number sleeves (playing cards)
[NEW] Select current game in Game Select dialog
[FIX] Exception publishing files from a subdirectory of a game
[FIX] Do not auto select Swinxs Dash (Pro) in Production release

Version 1.2899 (2010-8-31)

[NEW] Show SwinxsTalk arrays as a single entry in the Watch selector.
[NEW] Enhanced game selection interface
[NEW] Load configuration asynchronously to avoid startup delay
[FIX] Calculations in Always state confused game exit (revisited)
[NEW] Add sound.remove and sound.xs.remove to the SwinxsTalk documentation

Version 1.2882 (2010-8-12)

[NEW] advanced publish dialog to publish multiple games simultaneously
[FIX] Calculations in Always state confused game exit

Version 1.2841 (2010-7-6)

[FIX] Mixed nested boolean expressions
[FIX] Hold the always state machine during program initialization

Version 1.2825 (2010-6-21)

[FIX] Paid games downloaded from SDK to Swinxs could not run

Version 1.2804 (2010-6-7)

[CHG] When you load a game via game.start(<expr>) where <expr> is non-zero: don't initialize all subsystems

[FIX] For green tags/cards led.rfid() showed yellow in stead of green
[FIX] Warn when game is to big in SDK for paid games (not just when uploading)
[CNG] Better handling of changes in audio settings

Version 1.2781 (2010-5-20)

[NEW] Added led.rfid() to show the color of an rfid tag.
[NEW] Added color lime as an alias for lemon.
[FIX] Better colors for led.color()
[FIX] shuffle.end/shuffle.rewind was broken

[NEW] Added Swinxs Dash Pro
[NEW] Added Tangle

Version 1.2736 (2010-4-28)

[NEW] Support for paid games

Version 1.2717 (2010-3-17)

[FIX] When user deleted all games in profile, he/she couldn't upload updates anymore

Version 1.2702 (2010-3-5)

[FIX] Upload games to site in other langauges
[CHG] Simpler user interface Publish dialog

Version 1.2695 (2010-2-28)

[FIX] If you jump out of a game using the red-long button, the non-default state machines should freeze too.
[NEW] Quiz rewritten to SwinxsTalk
[NEW] Added pause/resume audio (both fore- as background samples)
[CHG] led.pulse(): Don't start a pulse if another is already running (otherwise use first)

[NEW] game.prp editor
[NEW] Add & upload an icon to your game

Version 1.2585 (2009-11-10)

[NEW] Implemented interface to delete a recording
[NEW] Added commands sound.check and sound.exists
[NEW] Added SwinxsTalk button.power.* command
[NEW] Added SwinxsTalk sound.volume.* command
[FIX] Documentation typo (rfid.xs.index)
[FIX] DEFAULT variable not recognized properly

[NEW] DELETE input

[FIX] Initialization boolean values
[FIX] Implementation alway state in SwinxsTalk
[FIX] Emulator logic with respect to set/val and equ
[FIX] Allow "SILENCE" samples as the first in a sound.chain()
[NEW] Interface to Swinxs via SwinxsLink and HID
[NEW] Added game design Guidelines
[CHG] Use slower TTS rate on XP
[CHG] Make publishing to a Swinxs much faster in case of non-modified files in a non-production setting. 
      As a criterion, we take the last modification stamp and file length.

Version 1.2466 (2009-9-9)

[NEW] random(<lo>, <hi>)
[CHG] Optimize constant arithmetic
[NEW] Conditional expressions (..?..:..) on boolean expressions
[NEW] timer.on(<value>)

[CHG] Changed File Open dialog to Boot dialog which only selects boot.sct
[FIX] In some cases the Settings dialog could generate an exception

Version 1.2457 (2009-9-7)

[FIX] On some systems inetc.dll failed to load

Version 1.2445 (2009-8-31)

[NEW] Implemented sound.chain(..., "SILENCE", <n>, ...)
[CHG] game.debug.log accepts any expression (not just variables)
[FIX] Swinxs shows blue relatively bright, adjusted SDK
[FIX] timers were running 2.5 times too fast (bug introduced in the previous release)

Version 1.2395 (2009-7-23)

[NEW] Jukebox subsystem
[NEW] Instruction to set the color of the LED using HSV

[CHG] Improved download component
[NEW] Reference card (as PDF), also available via the Help menu
[NEW] Start games directly from the Game menu
[NEW] Quickly create games using templates
[CHG] More elegant implementation of watch variables

[NEW] Support fot Notepad++ (syntax high lighting)

[CHG] Swinxs Dash, Jukebox, Circel Swinxs, and Fly Swatter rewritten in SwinxsTalk
[NEW] Henktie Tenkie (a Dutch audio book)

Version 1.2292 (2009-6-23)

[NEW] Voice recording subsystem

[CHG] Reworked user interface

[NEW] Support up to 40 XS tags
[NEW] Real time mixing of two audio streams
[NEW] Access to persistent memory from within your game
[NEW] Real time clock
[NEW] Voice recordings by Swinxs

[NEW] Ported the SwinxsLink to Mac OS X (beta)