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The SwinxsSDK contains everything you need to develop your own games:

The SwinxsEmulator
The purpose of the emulator is two-fold. Firstly you can run all games on your PC. Secondly, using the SwinxsEmulator, you can publish the games to your Swinxs or upload to here.
The SwinxsSource
Basically all game specifications plus audio samples to run your emulated Swinxs.
The documentation
Read the documentation thoroughly, as you will find most answers there.
Release notes
Version 1.2940 (2010-11-1)
[FIX] Fixed SwinxsTalk documentation wrt naming instructions for deleting samples
[CHG] Compiler optimalization (Enter clause uses lot less code)
[FIX] telling scores in case we have an always state
[CHG] led.off also turns of a pulse initiated by a RFID tag
[FIX] RandomExpr(x,y) used BOOLVAR instead of WORDVAR

[FIX] Prevent Exception on storing persistent memory
[NEW] Added country sleeves (playing cards)
[NEW] Added Number sleeves (playing cards)
[NEW] Select current game in Game Select dialog
[FIX] Exception publishing files from a subdirectory of a game
[FIX] Do not auto select Swinxs Dash (Pro) in Production release


Download games made by the community. For inspiration, for testing, or just for fun.